Elvacite® Starting Point Formulations

Metal Coatings (15)

Starting point formulations for Elvacite® Acrylic Resins including paints, coatings, inks, lacquers, adhesives, and sealants.

Acrylic Lacquer 2 coat system for Toy Cars

2 coat acrylic lacquer system featuring a top coat based on Elvacite® 2614 and a base coat based on Elvacite®2016. This acrylic system was designed for metallic toy cars that require good gloss and color retention.

Clear Coating for Bright Metals

Clear acrylic coating for bright metals based on Elvacite® 2014.

Clear Coating for Bright Metals and Outdoor Exposure

Clear acrylic coating based on Elvacite® 2028 with excellent adhesion to metal and outstanding weathering resistance.

Clear Lacquer for Aluminum

Clear acrylic lacquer based on Elvacite® 2044 with excellent flexibility and adhesion to aluminum.

High Build Marine Coating

Acrylic coating formulation for marine applications based on Elvacite® 2016. This acrylic coating formulation is designed to be applied at 5-30 mils film thickness and provide excellent metal protection in harsh environments.

High Build Paint for Use on Vinyl Primer

Acrylic paint formulation based on Elvacite® 2016 designed to be applied to substrates that have been primed with a vinyl primer.

High Gloss Clear Lacquer

Clear acrylic lacquer formulation for metal substrates with remarkable gloss based on Elvacite® 2552.

High Gloss Metal Topcoat

Acrylic topcoat formulation based on Elvacite® 2016 designed to provide a glossy finish to metal surfaces.

Marine Paint

Acrylic paint formulation based on Elvacite® 2016 designed for use in challenging marine environments.

Metallic High Gloss Refinish Coating

Acrylic coating formulation based on Elvacite® 2008 incorporating metallic pigments. This acrylic coating was designed for use in the automotive refinish market.

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