Elvacite® Starting Point Formulations

Concrete Coatings (5)

Starting point formulations for Elvacite® Acrylic Resins including paints, coatings, inks, lacquers, adhesives, and sealants.

Clear Sealer for Concrete

Clear acrylic concrete sealer formulation with good gloss and UV resistance based on Elvacite® 2014.

Concrete Curing Lacquer

Clear acrylic lacquer for concrete based on Elvacite® 2016 with excellent durability and gloss.

Elvacite® 2013 Concrete Sealer Formulation

Weather resistant, fast drying acrylic concrete sealer formulation based on Elvacite® 2013.

Elvacite® 2016 Concrete Sealer Formulation

Acrylic concrete sealer formulation with excellent durability and UV resistance based on Elvacite® 2016.

White Coating for Concrete

Pigmented acrylic coating for concrete with good durability and weather resistance based on Elvacite® 2014.


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