Lowilite® Blended UV Stabilizers

Lowilite® Blended UV Stabilizers

Key Applications

polyurethane, shoe soles, window sealants, pastes, polyols

Product Description

Lowilite® Blended UV Stabilizers are combination products that offer both thermal and ultraviolet stabilizaton. They are optimized to protect polyurethane systems from exterior conditions.


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Lowilite® B1260 Lowilite® B1260 is a combination of both thermal and ultraviolet stabilizers optimized for protection of polyurethanes exposed to exterior weathering conditions. It is ideal for integral skin applications, shoe soles, window sealants, pastes, and polyols. SDS* TDS*
Lowinox® 624-72 SDS* TDS*
Lowinox® WSP SDS* TDS