Lupasol® PS

Lupasol® PS is a branched polyethylenimine solution that is used in adhesives to improve adhesion and as a flocculant / chelate in detergents & cleaners.
Product Overview
Lupasol® PS is an aqueous solution of a high molecular weight polyethylenimine. The polyethylenimine polymer in Lupasol® PS carries a very high cationic charge density that makes this product useful as an adhesion promoter, cross linker, dispersion aid, and flocculant. Lupasol® PS is soluble in water as well as most polar solvents and can be diluted easily to your desired working concentration. Lupasol® PS is available commercially as a clear to pale yellow, viscous liquid in 55 gallon drums.
Product Specifications
Avg molar mass: 750,000
Viscosity: 1,700
Concentration: 33%
Color: clear, colorless till slightly yellowish liquid at room temp.

Primary Chemistry: Polyethylenimine
Features & Benefits
Miscible with water in all proportions
Compatible with cationic and nonionic systems
Fix and immobilize enzymes for extended resistance
Heavy metal chelation
Excellent adhesion promoters
Fixing agent in hair treatment products
FDA 175.105 approved for lamination or sealing of food packaging items
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure of many common water-based adhesives.
Lupasol® PS is most commonly used to improve adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives to low surface energy substrates.
Lupasol® PS can be added directly to alkaline formulations or it can be used as pretreatment / primer to increase adhesion.

Lupasol® PS is often used in combination with polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinylbutryral, polyvinyl acetate, and styrene copolymers as a cross linker to improve cohesion of tape and label pressure sensitive adhesives.

Lupasol® PS is an excellent flocculant and chelating agent for negatively charged contaminants and heavy metals.
It is used as a flocculant in both
water pretreatment and household detergent applications.