Never-Seez® Blue Moly

Key Applications

Metal fittings, Aircraft components, Valves, Stainless steel fasteners and slow moving parts, Automotive engine bolts and body fasteners, Stainless steel flange and pump bolts, Chemical processing machinery, Gasket dressing, Assembly of dissimilar metals.

Product Description

Never-Seez® Blue Moly provides the exclusive combination of molybdenum disulfide and pure nickel powder suspended in a premium-grade grease provides both excellent lubricity and extreme pressure resistance. The addition of special corrosion inhibitors allows Blue Moly to be used in harsh environments. The unique blue color allows for easy visual inspection, and it contains no graphite, lead, or copper, making Blue Moly ideal for use in applications where these are undesirable or prohibited.

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Never-Seez® Blue Moly - NBBT-8, NBBT-16, NSB-42 container
A Superior Lubricating, Anti-Seize Compound Formulated for Maximum Protection in Applications where Graphite, Lead and Copper are Prohibited. (Up to 1500°F)
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Never-Seez® Blue Moly Articles
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A partership between ChemPoint and Bostik for their Never-Seez® product line marks an initiative to provide the best possible customer service and value added services.