Never-Seez® Pipe Compounding with PTFE
Bostik, Inc.

Never-Seez® Pipe Compounding with PTFE

Key Applications

Water lines (non-potable), Sewerage and irrigation piping, Steam pipe fittings, Hydraulic lines and fittings, Pneumatic systems, Natural and propane gas lines

Product Description

Never-Seez® Pipe Compound uses PTFE and other sealant-enhancing additives to allow greater thread engagement and more positive sealing. Never-Seez® Pipe Compound prevents corrosion and galling of threads for easy disassembly.


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Never-Seez® Pipe Compound with PTFE - NPBT-8, NPBT-16 Superior lubricating and anti-seize compound formulated to provide maximum thread lubrication in a wide range of pipe threads and fittings. SDS TDS