Never-Seez® Pipe Compounding with PTFE
Bostik, Inc.

Never-Seez® Pipe Compounding with PTFE

Key Applications

Water lines (non-potable), Sewerage and irrigation piping, Steam pipe fittings, Hydraulic lines and fittings, Pneumatic systems, Natural and propane gas lines

Product Description

Never-Seez® Pipe Compound with Teflon® is a superior lubricating and anti-seize compound formulated to provide maximum thread lubrication in a wide range of pipe threads and fittings. The use of Teflon® and other sealant-enhancing additives in Never-Seez® Pipe Compound allows greater thread engagement and more positive sealing. Never-Seez® Pipe Compound prevents corrosion and galling of threads for easy disassembly. Recommended for use on black iron, galvanized stainless steel, and high pressure steam pipes in contact with malleable cast iron, brass, stainless steel, and galvanized fittings.


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Never-Seez® Pipe Compound with PTFE Never-Seez® Pipe Compound with PTFE is a non-toxic, non hazardous lubricant that assures easy disassembly and prevents corrosion, galling, and seizing.  It is suitable for all pipe and fitting combinations and safe for use with water, natural gas, air, steam and hydraulic oils. SDS TDS