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Capstone™ Fluorosurfactants


Capstone™ is a line of fluorinated surfactants and repellents that provide exceptional wetting properties to a variety of industrial applications.  Capstone™ fluorinated compounds are based on short-chain chemistry, six or fewer carbons with fluorinated head groups, that meet the goals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program and are much safer and environmentally friendly than traditional polyfluoroalkyl substances that can break down into perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the environment. 


Capstone™ surfactants main function is to enhance both water and solvent-based formulations by substantially reducing surface tension to improve properties such as wetting and leveling.  Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants offer unparalleled wetting with surface energies as low as 18 dyne/cm at extremely low concentrations and can often be used to replace multiple additives to reduce overall formulation complexity and cost.  By replacing or blending traditional hydrocarbon surfactants and chemicals with Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants a cost savings of 3 to 10 fold can be realized.  Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants and repellents also perform well in harsh chemical and thermal environments.  The ability to formulate them with strong acids and bases adds to the versatility of these compounds.


In glass and hard surface cleaning applications Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants are used to improve wetting of soils and contaminants on the surface in order to ease in their removal.  The small amount of Capstone™ required for these applications (~200 ppm) results in less residue upon evaporation resulting in faster drying times with less haze and streaking.  Certain grades of Capstone™ will also bind to surfaces to provide additional resistance to water and oily soils.  In addition, the acid and alkali tolerance of Capstone™ means that they can be added to virtually any formulation.


When used in floor cleaners, polishes, and waxes Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants increase wetting power which in turn enhances the leveling of the formulation.  This results in a uniform better looking film on the surface.  In addition, the use of Capstone™ in waxes and polishes improves gloss and rewet characteristics allowing for multi-coat applications without haze.


One of the main applications where Capstone™ Fluorinated surfactants provide the largest benefit is in latex paints and water-based inks.  In water-based paint and ink manufacturing, Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants can be added to both the grind and letdown phase to improve performance, simplify the formulation, and reduce cost.  When added to the grind phase at 0.01-0.05% Capstone™ Fluorinated surfactants improve the wetting of pigments and replaces the need for all other pigment wetting agents.  Additional benefits include a reduction in foaming tendency and improved resistance of the dried paint to oily stains.  When added to the letdown phase at 0.01-0.05%, Capstone™ fluorinated surfactants eliminates the need for any additional substrate wetting agents, film leveling agents, and anti-blocking additives.  


Certain grades of Capstone™ are better identified as fluorinated polymers and are used primarily as water and oil repellents for a variety of substrates.  Capstone™ LPA is a solvent based fluorinated compound that is used to protect leather and textiles.  The Capstone™ ST grades are fluorinated polymers that are designed to be used as penetrating, non film-forming, sealers for stone and tile to enhance resistance to water, acids, and soils.


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