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Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile

Key Applications

penetrating sealers for granite, marble, limestone, terracotta, grout, porous tile, pavers, natural stone, concrete, and brick

Product Description

Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile are fluoropolymers used in formulations of penetrating sealers to provide oil and water repellency and seal a variety of porous surfaces, such as natural stone, tile, concrete, grout, sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, and masonry. These penetrating sealers provide outstanding oil and water resistance, reduce the chance of stains, and allow for easy cleaning. This makes Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile an ideal choice for protection from rain, humidity, greasy pollutants, and household stains from items such as ketchup, mustard, juice, coffee, and salad dressing.

Penetrating sealers made with Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile seal surfaces without altering appearance, providing invisible stain protection especially useful for preserving the beauty of natural stone, like granite and marble. Surfaces sealed with Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile are also breathable, allowing water vapor and gases to permeate and escape.

Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile are typically diluted and used between 1 to 5% active ingredient concentration when formulating penetrating sealers. Sealers may be applied to stone surfaces in various methods, including brushing, mopping, or spraying. Options within Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile are available for use in either water-based or solvent-based sealer formulations. For water-based sealers, both cationic and anionic grades are available for compatibility and performance in a wide pH range

The fluoropolymers of Capstone™ Repellents for Stone & Tile meet the goals of the US EPA 2010/15 PFOA stewardship program, comply with REACH, and are listed on the TSCA inventory.

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