Jet RF

Jet RF Aviation Test Fuel is used when running the AMS 2629B Type I method for reference fuel testing.
Product Overview
Jet RF Aviation Test Fuel from Chevron Phillips Chemical is a high quality standard reference fuel for testing against AMS 2629B Type I fuels. Jet RF exhibits incredibly high levels of consistency for unrivaled confidence in test results and performance.
Product Specifications

Color, Saybolt: 25 mins
Specific Gravity at 60/60 °F: Report
API Gravity: Report
Neutralization number, mgKOH/g: 0.10 max
Corrosion, 2 hrs at 50 °C: 1 max
Water Reaction Interface: Report
Sulfur, ppm: 4000-4400
Volume Change, mL: 2 max
Composition, vol %
Toluene: 27.0 - 29.0
Cyclohexane: 33.0 - 35.0
2,2,4-Trimethylpentane: 37.0 - 39.0
Di-t-butyl Disulfide: Report
Unknown: Report
t-Butyl mercaptan, wt % : 0.0045 - 0.0055

Features & Benefits
High Purity & Consistency
Available in a Variety of Package Sizes
Problems Solved
Inferior Aviation Test Fuel Quality
Inconsistent Combustion Testing Results
Jet RF is used in industry standard testing for Aviation Fuel and can be used as a refinery catalyst.