Toluene Reference Fuel

Primary Reference Fuel with 99.5% Toluene and maximum 0.05% Benzene
Product Overview
Toluene Reference Fuel is a Primary Reference Fuel that meets the requirements outlined in ASTM D-2699 and D-2700
Product Specifications

Composition, vol %
Toluene : 99.5 min
Peroxide Number, mg/kg : 5.0 max
Water Content, ppm : 200 max
Specific Gravity at 60/60 °F
API Gravity at 60 °F
Color, Saybolt
Sulfur Content, ppm
Acid Wash Color

Primary Chemistry: Primary Reference Fuel
Problems Solved
Inconsistent Toluene Quality for Fuel Testing
High Levels of Impurities or Contaminants in Toluene
Fuel Testing; Gasoline Octane Analysis; Obtain Cetane Number For Diesel Fuels; Obtain Cetane Number For Oil Classification High Performance Heavy Duty Cycle Fuels; Obtain Cetane Number For Oil Classification Test Fuels