Soltrol® 220 Isoparaffin

High purity, low odor isoparaffin solvent with a high boiling point range of 425°F to 600°F and a flash point of 233°F.
Product Overview
Soltrol® 220 is a high purity, low aromatic isoparaffinic solvent that has the highest boiling point and lowest vapor pressure of the Soltrol® isoparaffin product line. Soltrol® 220 isoparaffin is low odor and low in toxicity, resulting in reduced concern for worker exposure. Soltrol® 220 isoparaffin also has low surface tension and provides a more controlled evaporation rate compared to mineral spirits, making it an excellent solvent for a broad range of applications. Soltrol® 220 is non-corrosive to metal and chemically inert to most other materials.
Product Specifications

Typical Values:
Purity, wt% Isoparaffins: 99+
Distillation Range at 760 mmHg, ºF, ASTM D 86
Initial Boiling Point: 480°F
Final Boiling Point: 556°F
Sulfur Content, ppm: <1
Nonvolatile Matter, mg/100 mL: <1
Color, Saybolt: +30
Specific Gravity at 60/60 ºF: 0.81
Density of Liquid at 60 ºF, lb/gal: 6.75
Reid Vapor Pressure at 100 ºF, mmHg: 0.36
Flash Point: 233°F
API Gravity at 60 ºF: 43.2
Aromatic Content, ppm: <50
Acidity of Distillation Residue: Neutral
Doctor Test: Negative
Typical Kauri-Butanol Value: 24
Typical Aniline Point: 196°F

CAS Reg No. 68551-20-2

Primary Chemistry: C13-C16 Isoalkanes
Features & Benefits
Low odor Low unsaturates Low aromatic content Low toxicity Controlled evaporation Non-corrosive
Problems Solved
Inferior Solvency & Evaporation Rates for Adhesive Applications
High Aromatic Content & Undesirable Odor
Unpredictable or Inconsistent Boiling Range in Solvent

Adjuvants for Pesticides
Aerosol Products
Animal Feeds
Chemical Manufacturing & Extraction
Cleaning Fluid
Dry Cleaning Fluid
Dust Reducers
Paint Thinners
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Printing Inks
Vanishing Fluid
Water Treatment Products