Tyzor® Ortho Zirconate Esters
Dorf Ketal

Tyzor® Ortho Zirconate Esters

Key Applications

Cross-Linker; Adhesion Promoter; Surface Modifier

Product Description

These high reactivity crosslinkers have lower water solubility to provide faster cure, water resistance and quicker dry time.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Tyzor® NBZ, zirconium tetra-n-butanolate Tyzor® NBZ is a yellowish, highly reactive organic alkoxy zirconate with 87% active content in n-butanol. SDS TDS
Tyzor® NPZ, ziconium tetra-n-propanolate A yellowish to tan, highly reactive organic alkoxy zirconate with 74 % active content in n-propanol. SDS TDS
Tyzor® TEAZ, zirconium chelate A yellow to brown ethanolamine zirconium complex with 100% active content. SDS TDS

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