ADCOTE™ 102A is the polyester component of a two part solvent based adhesive used for flexible packaging and industrial laminations.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 102A is a polyester resin supplied in MEK. It should be used in conjunction with an isocyanate terminated coreactant as part of a two component solvent based adhesive system. ADCOTE™ 102A solvent based adhesive adheres to a variety of substrates, including polyolefins, polyesters, foils and metalized films. It is commonly used to manufacture flexible packaging and in industrial laminations where it provides excellent clarity, bond strength, and chemical resistance. ADCOTE™ 102A carries FDA approvals for indirect food contact and is often used in laminations for pouches, portion packs, and other forms of flexible packaging related to food.
Product Specifications
Chemistry: Polyester
Color: Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid
Carrier Solvent: Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Application Method: Gravure
Density: 7.7 lbs/gallon
Coreactant: Coreactant 9L10, Coreactant F, Coreactant CT, Coreactant 9L7
Applied Solids: 15-25%
Supplied Solids: 36%
Viscosity: 600 cPs @ 25 °C
Nip Temperature: 150-200 °F
Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Pot Life: > 8 hours

Primary Chemistry: Polyester
Features & Benefits
Provides excellent optical clarity
Offers high green strength and bond strength
Good heat & chemical resistance, grease & oil resistance, and UV resistance
Problems Solved
Poor green strength of adhesive bonds in film to film laminations
Hazy adhesive layers in clear flexible packaging
Medical Packaging
Meat and Cheese Packaging
Stand Up Pouches
Hot fill Pouches
Outdoor and Agricultural Bags