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ADCOTE™ 1740

Solution adhesive based on a tacky solid polyester resin for use on plastic and metal surfaces.


421.08lb Drum



Product Overview

Adcote™ 1740 is a polyester-based solution adhesive that can also be used as a modifier for softer or harder resins.  This product provides excellent adhesion to plastics and metals.  Chemical and temperature resistance can be enhanced when crosslinked with Coreactant F.

Product Specifications

Chemistry: Polyester
Solvent: Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Coreactant: Coreactant F
Application Methods: Gravure, reverse roll transfer, knife and spraying
Density: 7.9 lbs/gallon
Supplied Solids: 40%
Bonding Temperature: 140°F
Viscosity: 1000-3000 cps
Pot Life: 8 hours
Primary Chemistry: Polyester

Features & Benefits

* Excellent metal and plastic adhesion
* Good UV stability and weatherability
* Low flow melt temperature
* Low glass transition temperature
* Improved pigment binding
* High pigment/filler acceptance


Gravure inks, Primers, general packaging laminations, electrical laminates

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