ADCOTE™ 812 is the polyester component of a solvent based, two component laminating adhesive system. It is typically used in retort and other high temperature applications.
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Product Overview
ADCOTE™ 812, when used with ADCOTE 811B is a high performance, temperature resistant laminating adhesive system. ADCOTE 812™ can be used with different coreactants, but it has optimum temperature and chemical resistance when used with ADCOTE™ 811B. This combination is designed for high temperature laminate use, including retort applications.
Product Specifications

Solids: 75%
Viscosity (25°C): 510 cps
Weight/Gallon: 9.13 lb
Solvents: Ethyl Acetate
Diluents: Urethane Grade Ethyl Acetate or other acetates, MEK or Toluene
Mix Ratio: 9 pbw

Primary Chemistry: Polyester
Features & Benefits
Good for high temperatures
High initial green bond
Heat and chemical resistant
Adheres to aluminum foil and film substrates
Problems Solved
Failure of adhesives in retort packaging applications due to heat and chemical exposure
Retort packaging