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Key Applications

Pharmaceutical, Food, and Personal Care

Product Description

VERSENE™ NA is Dow’s disodium EDTA, a salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid used as an effective chelating agent in personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and some food products. Its primary function in formulations is to improve the stability of oil-in-water emulsions, API's, or other active ingredients by binding to naturally present trace metals and preventing them from increasing oxidation and other chemical degradation reactions. Disodium EDTA is one of the best chelating agents in the market, outperforming other similar compounds, such as citric acid, phosphates, and lactates. In addition, it can support personal care and cosmetic preservative systems and add various other functional benefits to formulations.

Binds to trace metals and minerals
Extends shelf life
Increases product stability
Improves lathering ability
Combats hard water challenges
Helps with discoloration
Limits turbidity
Supports preservative systems
Prevents softening, cracking, and brown spots in bars

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