Thermal Fluid Containing a Mix of Diphenylethane and Alkylated Aromatics as an Alternative to Hot Oils for Systems (up to 625°F)
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Product Overview

DOWTHERM™ Q is a high-performance thermal fluid for liquid phase systems between -35°C and 330°C (-30°F to 625°F). DOWTHERM™ Q exhibits significantly greater low temperature pumpability in comparison to hot oils.

DOWTHERM™ Q heat transfer fluid is a suitable replacement for hot oils in a variety of high temperature systems.

DOWTHERM™ Q is also noncorrosive to common alloys & metals used in thermal transfer systems.

Product Specifications

Temperature: -30°F to 625°F (-35°C to 330°C)
Vapor Pressure: 48.08
Specific Heat: 0.353°F
Viscosity: 48.2
Density: 63.23
Freezing Point: -30 °F (-35 °C)
Flash Point: 249 °F (120 °C)
Autoignition: 773 °F (412 °C)

Primary Chemistry: Mixture of diphenylethane and alkylated aromatics
Features & Benefits
Best value for moderate temperatures Better thermal stability than hot oils Better physical properties than hot oils No heat tracing to -35 °C Need pressurization above 265 °C
Problems Solved
Inadequate Thermal Stability in Hot Oils
Difficult Thermal Fluid Pumpability at Low Temps
Excessive Pump & Exchanger System Size Requirements

DOWTHERM™ Q heat transfer fluid is a dynamic, high temperature thermal fluid for use in a wide range of liquid phase systems. Including, but not limited to:
Liquid Natural Gas
Off-shore Platforms
Heat Recovery
Polystyrene & Polyethylene Manufacturing
Topping Units
Asphalt Processing
Oil & Gas Refineries