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A diaryl alkyl heat transfer fluid that is intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer




Product Overview

Unlike other low pressure fluids - including partially hydrogenated terphenyls and dibenzyl toluene fluids, DOWTHERM™ RP fluid degrades primarily to low molecular weight products. DOWTHERM™ RP has a Maximum bulk temperature of 350 °C (660 °F) and a maximum film temperature of 375 °C (710 °F).

End Markets: Chemical & Petrochemical; Chemical & Petrochemical; Energy Generation & Utility; Energy Generation & Utility; Facility Construction & Management; General Industrial; Heavy Industry; Maintenance, Repair & Operations; Oil & Gas; Oil & Gas; Pulp & Paper


Used in production of PET resin, PET film, phenol, polycarbonate, polystyrene, refineries, LNG, offshore platforms
Related Applications: Air Preheating; Automotive; Blow Molders; Boilers; Boilers; Chillers; Cooling Towers; Distillation Units; Facility Management; Heat Exchangers; Heat Transfer Skids; High Temp & Alloys; Hot Oil Heaters; Hot Rollers; Jacketed Reactors; Mechanical Contractors; Paper & Cardboard; Plastics Forming; Polymer Blending Tanks; Power Cogeneration; Test Chambers; Vaporizers; Waste Heat Recovery

Features & Benefits

Best thermal stability of any liquid phase fluid
Does not form tar or high boiling degradation products
Liquid phase fluid used in pressure-less or low-pressure systems

Product Specifications

Temperature: 30°F to 660°F
Vapor Pressure: 13.63
Specific Heat: 0.372°F
Viscosity: 249
Density: 65.25
Freezing Point: <-4°F
Flash Point: 381°F
Autoignition: 725°F
Primary Chemistry: diaryl alkyl 
Chemistry: Alkylated Aromatics; Alkylated Aromatics
Functions: Heat Transfer Fluid; Heat Transfer Fluid

Related Products

DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Thermal Fluids

Dow Chemical produces seven unique DOWTHERM™ Synthetic Organic Fluids each with unique characteristics that offer exceptional thermal stability, longer fluid life and optimum operating economics. All DOWTHERM™ fluids feature vapor pressures lower than steam and can translate into more efficient heat transfer.

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