SYLTHERM™ Silicone Thermal Fluids


SYLTHERM™ silicone thermal fluids are specially formulated, high performance polymers designed for use as a low temperature, liquid phase heat transfer medium. They are known for their low viscosity, which offers excellent heat transfer performance and long service life. The fluids meet operating requirements for highly technical applications such as oil and gas processing, chemical processing, solar energy manufacturing, and pharmaceutical reactions.

Silicone fluids often have a lower long-term operating cost because they do not degrade like typical hydrocarbon fluids and as a result, rarely need to be replaced.

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SYLTHERM™ 800 container
A polydimethylsiloxane liquid with operating temperature ranges of -40°F to 750°F (-40°C to 400°C).
SYLTHERM™ HF container
A polydimethylsiloxane heat transfer fluid used between -73°C and 260°C.
SYLTHERM™ XLT container
A polydimethylsiloxane liquid used from -100°C to 260 °C
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