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Dow SYLTHERM™ - High Performing Thermal Fluids

SYLTHERM™ - High Performance Heat Transfer

These specialty polydimethylsiloxane-based thermal fluids provide best-in-class performance heat transfer with exceptionally long life spans and limited fluid loss from vapor. These silicone fluids also provide excellent precision temperature control over the broadest thermal range available.

Dow SYLTHERM™ Heat Transfer Solutions

Dow has mastered the specialty heat transfer fluid formulation that offers optimal temperature stability and viscosity. These SYLTHERM™ heat transfer chemicals eliminate concern when it comes to factors such as oral toxicity, fluid loss from vapor, and issues surrounding conductivity. In addition, they offer a long and excellent service life and optimal heat transfer performance where it matters most. Though their initial cost is slightly higher, silicone fluids can reduce the long-term operating and maintenance costs because they do not degrade like typical hydrocarbon fluids and, as a result, rarely need to be replaced, reducing associated expenses.

SYLTHERM™ heat transfer fluids are an ideal solution for applications such as oil, gas, and chemical processing. In addition, solar energy manufacturing and pharmaceutical reaction applications can greatly benefit from SYLTHERM™ heat transfer thermal fluids. 



Dow SYLTHERM™ 800 heat transfer fluid has exceptional longevity with high thermal stability up to 750°F. This fluid is specially formulated for liquid phase heat transfer and contains additional performance benefits, including the following:

  • Low freeze point (−60°C/−76°F)
  • High-temperature stability
  • Noncorrosive performance
  • Low odor
  • Low acute oral toxicity

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Common Application for Syltherm™ 800

Dow SYLTHERM™ 800 high-temperature fluid is formulated for many different types of common industrial applications, such as lube oil recycling, heat recovery, and polymer processing. Other applications where Dow SYLTHERM™ 800 heat transfer fluid performs well include those needing low toxicity or low odor, nonfouling performance, or long fluid life at the maximum temperature. 



Dow SYLTHERM™ HF heat transfer fluid supports high performance for low-temperature and liquid phase thermal transfer applications. It is the ideal solution for subzero applications, including environmental chambers and grocery store freezer loops.

  • Extremely low freeze point (−82°C/−115°F)
  • Great thermal stability
  • Long operational life
  • Low odor and acute oral toxicity

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Common Application for Syltherm™ HF

Dow SYLTHERM™ HF low-temperature liquid is the chosen grade for many industrial applications, including a few of the most common, such as environmental test chambers, single-fluid cooling, heat transfer skids, and pharmaceutical cooling. Other applications include those needing high closed-cup flash points, a nontoxic-via-oral-ingestion rating, or a specialty electrical classification. 



Dow SYLTHERM™ XLT is an excellent thermal fluid for batch processing applications requiring a liquid phase heat transfer, providing premium performance for single-fluid processes and cooling systems in pharmaceutical and fine chemical processing.

  • Low temperature pumpability
  • Low Freeze Point (−111°C/−168°F)
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Low odor and acute oral toxicity

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Common Application for Syltherm™ XLT

Dow SYLTHERM™ XLT is another chosen heat transfer fluid for applications such as pharmaceutical and single-fluid cooling, environmental test chambers, vacuum distillation, and freeze dryers.
Other applications where this liquid performs well include those needing a nontoxic-via-oral-ingestion rating. They are also ideal for cooling applications that replace chlorinated solvents.

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