Key Applications

Adhesives; leather; household; industrial; hand-sanitizers; textile; polishes; glazes; detergents; inks; concrete; latex; metalworking fluids; paint; slurries, post harvest preservation of pears and citrus fruits

Product Description

These versatile group of antimicrobials includes products that are broad-spectrum, ready-to-use, and soluble in water solvents and oils.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
DOWICIDE™ 1 99% active ingredient, solid formulation, approved for manufacturing use only. SDS TDS
DOWICIDE™ 1E 99% active ingredient, solid formulation, approved for end-use (preservation) SDS TDS
DOWICIDE™ A 72% active ingredient (Na-OPP), solid formulation. SDS TDS
DOWICIDE™ 25L 25% active ingredient in an aqueous solution of Na-OPP. SDS TDS*

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