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ChemPoint - Product Articles

LANXESS Microbial Control offers a vast array of antimicrobial and preservative solutions, with approved end-uses in HI&I, Building & Construction, Coatings, Inks, Adhesives & Agriculture. Their portfolio includes various active chemistries, such as CMIT/MIT, Bronopol, Glutaraldehyde, NaOPP and others, which lends to their products ease of integration into formulations with varying thermal stability, pH and solubility requirements.

With over 30 years of accrued experience in regulatory data, safe handling practices, and technical expertise, LANXESS Microbial Control is the industry’s leading supplier of biocide technologies that control and prevent growth of nuisance and dangerous micro-organisms. 

With broad-spectrum activity, excellent compatibility and low toxicity at recommended use-levels, these solutions offer an effective alternative to BIT (benzisothiazolinone) and may reduce your formulation costs.

ChemPoint - Product Articles

    ProductActiveCarrierpH RangeEfficacyKey CharacteristicsIndustry / Application
    KATHON™ PFM Biocide1.5% CMIT/MITWater2 - 9B, FBroad-spectrum activity; no added formaldehydeInks
    KATHON™ LX 1.5% Biocide1.5% CMIT/MITWater2 - 9B, FBroad-spectrum activity; no added formaldehydePaints & Coatings, Adhesives, B&C
    BIOBAN™ BP-30 Preservative30% BronopolGlycol2 - 9BBroad-spectrum activity; no added formaldehydeHI&I, Coatings, Inks & Adhesives, B&C
    BIOBAN™ BP Plus Preservative100% BronopolSolid3 - 8BBroad-spectrum activity; no added formaldehydeHI&I, Agriculture, B&C, Coatings, Inks & Adhesives, Chemical Toilets
    ROCIMA™ 586 1.06% CMIT/MIT + 7.5% BronopolWater3 - 8.5B, FBroad-spectrum activity from combination of activesHI&I, Agriculture, B&C, Coatings, Inks & Adhesives
    UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial25% Gluta-taldehydeWater3 - 9B, FHighly effective against anaerobes and spore-formersHI&I, B&C, Coating, Inks & Adhesives
    UCARCIDE™ 50 Antimicrobial50% Gluta-raldehydeWater3 - 9B, FHighly effective against anaerobes and spore-formersHI&I, B&C, Coating, Inks & Adhesives
    DOWICIDE™ A Antimicrobial71.7% NaOPPN/A> 8B, FBroad-spectrum activity; water-solubleHI&I, Agriculture, B&C, Coating, Inks & Adhesives
    DOWICIDE™ 25 L Antimicrobial25% NaOPPWater> 8B, FBroad spectrum against bacteria and fungi, readily biodegradable, and formaldehyde freeCoatings, Inks & Adhesives, B&C
    DOWCIL™ QK-20 Antimicrobial20% DNBPAGlycol2 - 9.5B, FRapid decontamination and preservation enhancementHI&I, Material Preservation, Plant Hygiene
    KORDEK™ MLX Industrial Microbicide9.7% MITWater2 - 12B, FEffective bactericide; pH-stableB&C, Electronics and Coatings
    KATHON™ CG/ICP I & II Biocide1.5% CMIT/MITWater< 9B, FMedium term preservative, broad range efficacyHI&I, Agriculture
    KATHON™ MK9.7% MITWater< 9B, FMedium term preservative, broad range efficacyAgriculture
    NEOLONE™ M1010% OITWater2 - 12BFormaldehyde free, low-use rates, wide range of pH efficacyHI&I
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