Key Applications

household cleaners; cleaner wipes; ICP; detergents; chemical toilets; paints; inks; adhesives

Product Description

These broad spectrum biocides are DFE (Design for Environment) approved, and are well-recognized for material preservation and hygiene applications.

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BIOBAN™ BZ Dual active in-can preservative based on 12% BIT + 8% ZPT providing efficacy against both bacteria and fungi in the wet-state. SDS* TDS*
BIOBAN™ 200 This dichloro-octylisothiazolinone (DCOIT) based thin-film fungicide and mildewcide suitable for aqueous based products. SDS* TDS*
BIOBAN™ 425 Bioban™ 425 Antimicrobial is a combination of active ingredients which deliver effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial and enhanced antifungal protection for a wide range of products including wipes. SDS TDS*
BIOBAN™ BP-30 BIOBAN™ BP-30 is a bronopol-based, broad-spectrum biocide with numerous FDA clearances and is especially effective in combination with other biocides. SDS TDS
BIOBAN™ BP-PLUS BIOBAN™ BP-PLUS is a 99% solid bronopol-based, broad-spectrum biocide with numerous FDA clearances. SDS TDS*
BIOBAN™ DXN Bioban DXN is an EPA-registered biocide for the protection of water-based industrial products, processes and systems against microbiological growth and spoilage. It is a broad-spectrum biocide with efficacy against both bacteria and fungi. SDS TDS*
BIOBAN™ IPBC 40 Antimicrobial Bioban™ IPBC is based on 40% active concentration of 3-Iodo-2 propynylbutylcarbamate SDS TDS
BIOBAN™ O 45 Bioban™ O 45 is a broad spectrum fungicide (not algaecide) based on a 45% active concentration of OIT SDS* TDS*
BIOBAN™ O 5P5 Bioban™ O 5P5 is a broad spectrum antifungal based on OIT chemistry and with a variety of end-use applications. SDS* TDS*

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