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Preservatives for Household and Industrial Cleaning Products

Preserving Household and Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

We offer a broad selection of wet-state preservatives and antimicrobial biocidal products for cleaning applications including laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish wash detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, non-porous hard surface cleaners, floor polish, and wipes.

Preservatives and biocidal products are critical additives for the protection of active ingredients, raw materials, and end-use products against harmful organisms to protect them from spoilage and the growth of micro-organisms. 

Use our selector guide to find the right in-can preservative based on your specific formulation details or review the preservative options below.

Preservatives Applications in Household Cleaners and Chemicals:

Features & Benefits by Product:

Biocides by Application

Click the images below to see all of the preservative options for your application.


Laundry Detergent


Dish Detergent


Floor Finish


Bathroom Cleaners


Carpet Cleaners


Surface Cleaners

Where to buy biocides?


ChemPoint is partnered with LANXESS to offer you a wide range of biocides, preservatives, and antimicrobial additives that provide excellent protection from spoilage and microbial contamination in ingredients, end-use cleaning products, and raw materials. The product range was previously manufactured by DuPont and Dow prior to being acquired by LANXESS.

Contact us to source your biocides with competitive prices, no MOQ, and short lead times. Technical specialists are available for assistance and product recommendations. Click below to access the selector guide and identify the right preservative for your formulation.

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