Butyric Acid Food Feed Grade Kosher

Butyric Acid Food/Feed Grade Kosher is a naturally occurring short-chain fatty acid used as a flavoring agent in food and animal feed, and as an intermediate in fragrances and food.
Product Overview
INCI: Butryic Acid

Eastman™ specialty acids and anhydrides are high-purity intermediates used in the synthesis and manufacture of a wide variety of products.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear, colorless liquid
APHA color: 15 maximum
Assay: 99.5% minimum
Specific gravity (@20ºC/20ºC): 0.96
Boiling point: 164ºC
Freezing point: -7.9ºC
CAS number: 107-92-6
Synonyms: butanoic acid, 1-butanoic acid, n-butyric acid
Features & Benefits
Kosher Pareve
Safe toxicological profile
Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in food and as a flavoring agent in food and animal feeds
Manufactured and handled in accordance with appropriate current Good Manufacturing Practices
Manufactured and handled under a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program
Food/feed grade for use in food application
Problems Solved
Replacing antibiotics in animal feed
Animal feeds