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n-Decane 99 Pure

n-Decane 99 Pure is a n ultra-purity hydrocarbon with a high boiling point (174.1°C) It is commonly used for special applications such as as injector testing fluid, solvent for room fragrances or oil for security printing inks.




Product Overview

Haltermann Carless n-Decane 99 Pure is an ultra-pure hydrocarbon with higher n-Paraffins providing performance benefits suitable to highly specialized applications.  n-Decane 99 Pure provides low vapour pressure and high boiling point making it ideal for niche solvent applications. 

Product Specifications

Molecular weight: 142.3
Density: 730
Boiling point: 174.1
Solidification point: -29.7°C
Refractive index: 1.4120
Flash point: 49
Specific heat: 2.103
Heat of vaporization: 276.3
Vapor pressure: 0.23
Surface tension: 23.9
Kinematic viscosity: 1.27
Primary Chemistry: High Purity Hydrocarbon

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