Liquid Alkaline Cleaner to remove Bonderite Lubricants and Other Drawing Compounds on Aluminum and Stainless Steel Metal
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® C-AK 1208X (previously known as Parco Cleaner 1208X) is a liquid alkaline cleaner formulated to remove lubricants and coatings from ferrous and aluminum metals. BONDERITE® C-AK 1208X is an ideal solution for cleaning soap lubes, polymers and oil based pre-treatment coatings.
Product Specifications
Recommended Concentration: 10 - 12%
Total Alkalinity: 7.8 - 9.4
Time: 3 to 10 Minutes
Temperature Range: 175°F - 190°F
Features & Benefits
Single Package - Easy to Use
Removes Variety of Soil, Lubricants & Coatings
Power Alkaline Cleaning Performance
Problems Solved
Residual Soaps, Lubricants, Drawing Compounds on Metal Surfaces
Difficult to Handle & Use Cleaners
BONDERITE® C-AK 1208X can be used to remove drawing compounds, lubricants and coatings on stainless steel or aluminum parts, baskets, wires, racks and tumbling barrels.
It can be applied by either spray or immersion operations.