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Water-based graphite dispersion that provides excellent thermal stability and lubricity.
Bonderite® L-FM PL-A container
Semi-Synthetic Ester Based Lubricant for Electrostatic Application in Cup and Can Manufacturing
Bonderite® S-AD 85 container
Soluble, Low-foaming Liquid Inhibitor for Traditional Sulfuric Acid and Other Acid-based Pickling Operations.
BONDERITE® L-FM F 747 container
Chlorine-free, synthetic lubricant for heavy duty and deep drawing operations.
BONDERITE® L-FM 242 FS container
Lubricant for Steel Metal Drawing operations of Wire & Rod (185° to 200°F).
BONDERITE® L-FM 235 container
Reactive Lubricant for Metal Forming Operations On Zinc-Phosphate Coated Steel (160° to 190°F).
BONDERITE® L-GP 505 container
Synthetic based corrosion inhibitor for short-term corrosion protection on ferrous alloys.
Lutron® KS 1 container
Lutron® KS 1 is a highly miscible polyglycol ether that is commonly used as a basic brightener for zinc, flux and heat-transfer fluid for the plastic and soldering industries.
Niaproof® 4 container
Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is an excellent wetting surfactant that is based on an aqueous solution of 28% sodium tetradecyl sulfate. It is an excellent penetrant and is featured with unique stability in enzyme-based solutions.
BONDERITE® C-NE 5088 container
Liquid-aqueous cleaner concentrate engineered to displace vapor degreasing products in solvent free precision cleaning operations.
Golpanol® VS container
Golpanol® VS is used as a basic brightener and leveling agent for electroplated nickel at concentrations of 2 – 4 g/l.
BONDERITE® L-MR B-415 container
Bio-resistant high oil content semi-synthetic fluid designed for machining & grinding of ferrous and aluminum alloys.
LUDOX® HS-40-FS, 38% Silica container
LUDOX® HS-40 is a freeze thaw stable colloidal silica with a particle size of 12 nanometers that is used as a binder for coatings and refractory materials.
BONDERITE® L-FM 2004 container
Synthetic compound designed for moderate to heavy drawing & stamping of ferrous and aluminum alloys.
Lugalvan® IZE container
Lugalvan® IZE has been developed for use in the formulation of brightener additives for the electroplating industry. It acts as a basic brightener in alkalin zinc and zinc-alloy plating, especially in cyanide-free baths.
Novec™ 71DE container
Engineered solvent intended to replace ozone-depleting materials in many applications in medium-duty cleaning and degreasing tasks.
UCON™ LB-1145-Y24 container
ISO 320 polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether used as a rust-preventive coating.
BONDERITE® L-FG 151 container
Water-based forging lubricant with lead-free glass frit dispersion used for hot forging super alloys and stainless steels.
BONDERITE® L-CA 696 container
Soft grease containing refractory pigments to provide protection from attacks by molten metals or fluxes.
Novec™ 7100 container
A clear, colorless and low-odor fluid intended to replace ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and compounds with high global warming potential (GWP) in many applications.
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Industry Resources
LUDOX® Selector Guide thumbnail
Check out our LUDOX® colloidal silica selector guide to explore the broad functionality of this product and find the grade that is right for your application.
Chemours Glycolic Acid - Preferred Partner thumbnail
Chemours’ (formerly DuPont) Belle, WV facility is the world’s largest dedicated glycolic acid manufacturing facility.
Niacet Niaproof® Anionic Surfactants thumbnail
Niacet NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactants are highly versatile alcohol sulfates. Niacet Niaproof® 08 is the first and only Cleangredients® recognized 2-ethylhexyl sulfate product on the market.
NIAPROOF® 08 CleanGredient Surfactant thumbnail

We are pleased to announce that Niacet NIAPROOF® Anionic Surfactant 08 has been granted CleanGredients® certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. CleanGredients® formulation ingredients are approved for use in thousands of products with the Design for Environment (DfE) label.

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids thumbnail
3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids are designed to dissolve the toughest cutting oils without compromising sustainability or worker safety.
BASF Golpanol® Metal Brighteners thumbnail
The Golpanol® product line from BASF is a collection of high-quality basic & top brighteners to aid final product finish in a variety of metal working and metal finishing applications such as electroplating, nickel baths, etc.
BASF Lugalvan Metal Brighteners thumbnail
The Lugalvan product line from BASF is a collection of high-quality non-ionic surfactants and coatings componentry to aid in metal protection.
BASF Lutron Metal Brighteners thumbnail
The Lutron product line from BASF is a collection of high-quality lubricants, flux ingredients and complexing agents in specialty metal working and metal finishing applications.