Neutralizing Agent for Phosphate Coatings on Steel for Metal Cold Forming Operations (120° to 180°F).
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® M-PT R-1 (previously known as FOSRINSE R-1) is a neutralizing agent for spray or immersion of metal surfaces with phosphated coatings.
BONDERITE® M-PT R-1 eliminates any residual acidity on the coating surface and helps minimize contamination for lubricants applied prior to metal drawing operations.
Product Specifications
Concentration: Maintain pH above 8.5
Temperature: 120° to 180°F
pH: 8.5 to 11
Time (Immersion): 1 to 2 minutes
Time (Spray): 3 to 60 seconds
Features & Benefits
Eliminates Residual Acidity After Water Wash
Minimizes Contamination on Surface
Raises Temperature of Workload
Provides Corrosion Protection
Extends Lubricant Bath Life
Minimizes Moisture Pick-Up
Prevents Drag-In of Acidic Material
Problems Solved
Difficult to Apply Acid Neutralizer Solutions
Inconsistent Surface Coverage & Corrosion Protection
Narrow Thermal Operating Range for Bath
Concentration of BONDERITE® M-PT R-1 will vary dependent on application (Substrate, metalworking operation, etc.) but a recommended starting concentration is 1.6 to 2.0 lbs. per 100 gallon bath.