Conversion Coating Agent for Immersion of Zinc Phosphate on Steel Surfaces for Drawing Operations (170°F to 185°F).
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® M-ZN 300X (formally known as Bonderite 300X) is a zinc phosphating agent for metal surface preparation. BONDERITE® M-ZN 300X helps provide structured surface protection & retain lubrication in cold forming metal operations.
Product Specifications

Total Acid (TA): 38 to 42 points
Acid Ratio: 5.5 to 7.5
Immersion Time: 3 to 7 minutes
Temperature: 170°F to 185°F
Accelerator: 1.5 points, min.

Features & Benefits
Reduces Metal-to-Metal Contact Extends Effective Tool Life Allows Faster Drawing Speeds Reduces Press Downtime Reduces Material Breakage Provides Smoother Surface Finish
Problems Solved
Inconsistent Surface Coverage & Poor Cold Forming Performance
Increased Metal-to-Metal Friction
Inferior Surface Finish on Formed Metal Parts
For initial bath preparation 175 lbs. (14 gal) of BONDERITE® M-ZN 300X is recommended per 100 gallons of working solution. This treat rate will vary by operating conditions, drawing requirements, lubricant type and other properties.