Royco® Mineral Oil Lubricants

Royco® Mineral Oil Lubricants

Key Applications

Hydraulic Fluids; Gear Oils; Bearing Oil; Greases; Compressor fluids; Aviation fluids; Pump Oils; Finished Fluids; Metal working fluids; General Industrial Fluids; Engine Oils; Turbine Oils; Marine Oils; Fuel Additives; Specialty Lubricants; Mil-Spec Lubricants

Product Description

These mineral oil lubricants include aviation hydraulic and turbine fluids, engine oils, preservatives, landing gear fluids, and shock strut fluids. They are engineered to meet or exceed the most rigorous application requirements including core military specifications, commercial aviation needs, Boeing approvals, and public transportation system constraints.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Royco® 308CA General purpose, lubricating, and preservative/water-displacing oil which meets MIL - PRF - 32033 specifications. NATO Specification: O-190 (obsolete). Joint Service Designation: OX-18 (obsolete). SDS TDS
Royco® 363 Low temperature, general purpose & instrument lube which meets MIL - PRF - 7870 specifications. NATO Specification: O-142. Joint Service Designation: OM-12. SDS TDS*
Royco® 481 Mineral oil turbine engine oil which meets MIL- PRF-6081 specifications. NATO Specification: O-133. Joint Service Designation: MK-8 (OM-10 - obsolete). SDS TDS
Royco® 482 Aircraft piston engine and parts preservative fluid which meets MIL-C-6529 specifications. NATO Specification: C-609. SDS TDS
Royco® 483 Aircraft turbojet engine & parts preservative fluid which meets MIL-C-6529 specifications. NATO Specification: C-610. Joint Service Designation: OX-11. Formulated with a balanced ashless, anti-corrosion additive system and highly refined petroleum base oils this fluid protects turbine engines by minimizing the effects of ambient humidity and neutralizing acidic oxidation/combustion by-products. SDS TDS*
Royco® 581 Preservative concentrate for aircraft engines which meets MIL - C - 6529 specifications. NATO Specification: C-608. Joint Service Designation: ZX-21. SDS TDS*
Royco® 586M High temperature load carrying lube which meets MIL - PRF - 6086 specifications. NATO Specification: O-155. Joint Service Designation: OEP-70. SDS TDS*
Royco® 756 “RED OIL” - A super clean, highly refined mineral oil based, hydraulic fluid for operation over wide temperature ranges. SDS TDS*
Royco® LGF (YELLOW) Yellow color landing gear fluid which meets BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 2 specifications. SDS TDS

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