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Momentive Core Silicone Elastomers


Momentive core silicone elastomers, which includes liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) and high consistency rubber (HCR) products, are high-performance blends that provide process benefits such as extrusion, calendaring, molding, and dipcoating. Their benefits include high durability, absence of plasticizers, excellent design versatility, and a neutral odor and taste. The end products of silicone elastomers can be used in the automotive, consumer goods, healthcare, construction, aerospace, electronics, and coating industries.

Problems Solved

Performance issues of liquid silicone rubbers and incompatibility with process types such as extrusion, calendaring, molding, and dip-coating Incompatibility and limited durability of high consistency rubber (HCR) products
FDA clearances for LSR and HCR silicones for use in food, healthcare, and consumer applications
High cost of plasticizer used in silicone rubber formulations
Silicone elastomers bonding and adhesion issues
Silicone rubber doesn't meet the required durability and resistance for use in automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronic applications
Long lead time, supply issues, high MOQ of liquid silicones (LSR) and high consistency rubbers (HCR)

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