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FACT 1 Ethoxylated Furfuryl Alcohol

A yellow to brown water miscible solvent with a boiling point of 170C




Product Overview

Fact1 is a monoethoxylated product of furfuryl alcohol with small amount of furfuryl alcohol and higher exothylated products of furfuryl alcohol.

Product Specifications

Boiling point, 60 mm °C: >170
Vapor pressure, 25°C: <1
Density (20°C): 1.14
Flash point (Pensky Martin), °C: 98
Viscosity, cps 25°C: 13
Refractive index, n20/D: 1.486
Solubility in water at 20°C, g/100g: Miscible

Features & Benefits

Due to its unique solvent properties and stability to strong base, it can be used in many high temperature cleaning formulations.

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