QuaCorr® 1001 Resin

QuaCorr® 1001 is a furan resin based on furfuryl alcohol. This resin has been diluted with furfural to achieve a workable viscosity.
Product Overview
QuaCorr® 1001 is a furfural diluted homopolymer of furfuryl alcohol . The lower viscosity of QuaCorr® 1001 make it very pourable and gives it excellent wetting characteristics. It is commonly used in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). It can also be used as a pit filler for FRP repair.
Product Specifications
Specific gravity (25°C): 1.22
Viscosity, cps (25°C): 300-600
Weight, lbs./gal.: 10.1
Fufuryl alcohol content, typical: 7
Color: Dark reddish brown
Odor: Furfural odor
Flash point, °C: 75.6
Storage stability (25°C): >1 year
Solids yield, % unfilled: 85-90*
Carbon yield, % unfilled: 45-50*
*dependent on catalyst

Primary Chemistry: Furan Resin
Features & Benefits
Excellent chemical resistance including acids, bases and solvents.
Temperature resistant up to 400° F
Resistance to chemical attack at high temperatures.
Excellent flame spread and smoke development properties for ducting, scrubbers and stacks
Ease of fabrication by hand lay up, spray up or filament winding
Can also be used for large structures and pressure vessels
Water insoluble, but can be diluted in many organic solvents
Problems Solved
Unworkable viscosity of resins used to manufacture fiberglass reinforced plastics.
Fiberglass reinforced plastics
FRP Repair
Sand casting molds
Temperature resistant coatings
Corrosion resistant coatings