TraSys® release coatings for rotational molding

TraSys® release coatings for rotational molding

Key Applications

mold release

Product Description

TraSys® provides great releases for most applications. The various grades available are ideal for parting lines, removable pins and inserts, or difficult molds in general.   The also, offer high-heat mold release reaching above 600°F.

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Stoner® A538 All Purpose Cleaner Powerful, concentrated, water-based all-purpose cleaner for rotational molds; Quickly cleans within seconds; Reduces the need for sandblasting and breaking down molds SDS* TDS*
Stoner® M520 Zip-Slip Prevent Parting Line Buildup: Improves appearance and reduces defects caused by gaps in the parting line; Maintains tighter seal of mold, reducing leaks and messes; Eliminates unwanted build-up of resin in the parting line SDS* TDS*
TraSys® 414 Heavy-duty release ideal for parting lines, removable pins and inserts, and complex molds with negative spaces and high difficulty in de-molding. SDS TDS*
TraSys® 420 Long life coating (3000+ cycles) Release for natural rubber, butadiene rubber (BR) and other polymers. Best release for Flouropolymers. SDS TDS
TraSys® 475 SDS* TDS*
TraSys® 500 Hi-Heat mold release for rotational molding applications reaching above 600F. SDS TDS*
TraSys® 7120 SDS* TDS*
TraSys® 715 Light release designed for a consistent, controlled release. Formulated for large or thin plastic parts. SDS TDS