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    Epolene® Polyethylene & Polypropylene Polymers

    Westlake Chemical offers a broad selection of oxidized, branched, and chemically modified polyethylene and polypropylene polymers under the trade name Epolene®.  Epolene® polymers are offered in a variety of molecular weights and densities that match competitive polyethylene and polypropylene polymers that are used in plastics, coatings, adhesives, and many other common applications.  Unlike the competitive polymers, the manufacture of Epolene® polymers is vertically integrated with captive feed stocks that allow for consistent production and fewer supply disruptions due to raw materials. 
The tables below lists Epolene® polymers that compare to Honeywell's AC waxes and BASF LUWAX.  Find your polymer below and then contact us for a competitive quote.

Polyethylene Polymers

    Epolene® PolymerDensity @ 25° C (g/ml)Compare To
    C-150.906A-C 615
    N-100.925A-C 712
    LUWAX A10
    N-110.921A-C 7, A-C 3A
    N-140.920A-C 6
    LUWAX A, AM-3
    N-210.950A-C 9
    LUWAX AH 3, AH 6
    N-300.924A-C 8
    LUWAX AL 61
    N-340.910A-C 617
    LUWAX AL 3
    N-350.913A-C 16

Oxidized Polyethylene Polymers

    Epolene®Density @ 25°C (g/ml)Compare To
    E-100.942A-C 680, A-C 540
    LUWAX OA 5, OA
    E-140.939A-C 629, A-C 655
    E-160.943A-C 540, A-C 629, A-C 656
    E-200.960A-C 316, A-C 325, A-C 330, A-C 392,
    A-C 395, A-C 673, A-C 680, A-C 690
    LUWAX OA 2

Polypropylene Polymers

    Epolene®Density @ 25° C (g/ml) Compare To
    N-150.902A-C 1172
    LUWAX PP 41

Chemically Modified Polymers

    Epolene®Density @ 25° C (g/ml)Compare To
    C-160.908A-C 573P
    E-430.934A-C X597, A-C 1450, A-C X1221P,
    A-C 596, A-C 597

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