Epolene® N-10 Polymer

Epolene® N-10 is a medium density polyethylene wax used in coatings and inks to improve scuff resistance and gloss.
Product Overview
Epolene® N-10 is a low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer that is used in a variety of applications including paper coatings, printing inks, and polyolefin color concentrates. It can be easily melt blended with other synthetic and natural waxes to increase tensile strength, improve abrasion resistance, and promote adhesion to fibrous substrates. Epolene® N-10 has a low coefficient of friction and good wetting properties that enable it to be used as a processing aid and pigment dispersant in color masterbatch. When incorporated into paper coatings and printing inks Epolene® N-10 will increase resistance to scuffing and rubbing.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: Polyethylene
Ring and Ball softening Point: 108C
Penetration Hardness: 2dmm
Viscosity, Brookfield @125°C: 1,500 cP
Molecular Weight: 10,000
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Low coefficient of friction
Low molecular weight
Increases tensile strength
Improves abrasion resistance
Promotes adhesion to paper
Easily blended with other waxes
Problems Solved
Damage to inks and coatings caused by abrasion.
Poor adhesion of hot melt coatings and adhesives to fibrous surfaces like paper.
Difficulty processing color masterbatch.
Hot melt adhesives; Wax modification: Printing inks; Building and construction; Packaging; Paper coatings; Color masterbatch