Epolene® N-35 Polymer

Epolene® N-35 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax that is used as a mold release aid and pigment dispersant in plastic applications.
Product Overview
Epolene® N-35 is a LDPE wax that has a good wetting and a low coefficient of friction. These properties make it a useful as a pigment dispersion and mold release aid in plastics applications like masterbatch. Additionally, Epolene® N-35 is also used in printing inks and paper coatings to improve scuff and rub resistance and improve gloss. In hot melt adhesive applications Epolene® N-35 is used to modify viscosity and reduce sag.
Product Specifications
Polymer type: PE
Mettler Softening Point: 104C
Penetration Hardness: 3 dmm
Viscosity, Brookfield @125 (257F): 700 cP
Molecular Weight: 7580
Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Blends easily with natural or synthetic waxes to increase tensile strength
Improved physical properties of paper coating
Increased scuff and rub resistance in inks
Aids in pigment dispersion
Low density PE
Problems Solved
Insufficient release of molded plastic parts for the mold.
Surface defects on molded plastic parts.
Poor dispersion of pigments in plastics leading to color inconsistency.
Wax modification, Mold release; Masterbatch; Printing inks; Paper coatings; Hot melt adhesives