Epolene® E-10 Polymer

Epolene® E-10 is a low-density oxidized polyethylene wax. It is commonly used to make water based wax emulsions for floor polishes, textile softeners, and clay coatings.
Product Overview
Epolene® E-10 is an oxidized polyethylene polymer with low density and low softening point. It produces stable emulsions by both atmospheric and pressure methods. Epolene® E-10 is used in wax emulsions for water based floor polishes due to the outstanding slip resistance and durability it provides to the polish film. It is also used as a wax lubricant for clay coatings for paper.
Product Specifications

Polymer Type: Oxidized Polyethylene
Molecular Weight: 6,100
Mettle Softening Point: 104°C (ASTM D 6090)
Penetration Hardness: 2 dmm (ASTM D5)
Viscosity, Brookfield: 800 cP @ 125°C

Primary Chemistry: Oxidized Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Good slip resistance
High durability
Produces stable emulsions
Problems Solved
Instability of oxidized polyethylene supply chain.
Floor finish is too slippery.
Difficulty making a water based polyethylene emulsion.
Hot melt adhesive
Floor polish
Finishing agent for fabrics
Textile softener