Epolene® N-30 Polymer

Epolene® N-30 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax used in inks and coatings to improve scuff resistance and also as a dispersing aid in masterbatch.
Product Overview
Epolene® N-30 is a polyethylene polymer that is used in printing ink, paper coatings, and plastics applications due to it's low coefficient of friction and good wetting properties. In printing inks and paper coatings Epolene® N-30 works to improve scuff resistance and improve gloss. In plastic applications Epolene® N-30 is used as an additive to improve mold release properties and to improve pigment dispersion. Epolene® N-30 is also used as a viscosity modifier in hot melt adhesive applications to reduce sag.
Product Specifications
Polymer Type: PE
Mettler Softening Point: 110C
Penetration Hardness: 2 dmm
Viscosity, Brookfield @125C (257F): 1050 cP
Molecular Weight: 9,200

Primary Chemistry: Polyethylene
Features & Benefits
Blends easily with natural or synthetic waxes
Improved physical properties of paper coating
Increased scuff and rub resistance in inks
Improved pigment dispersion
High extrusion lubricity
Low density PE
Problems Solved
Coefficient of friction is too high in coatings and inks which allows for abrasive damage and scuffing.
Ink is not glossy enough.
Sagging during application of a hot melt adhesive.
Wax modification; Paper coatings; Printing inks; Waxes and polishes; Color masterbatch; Plastics; Hot melt adhesives