Obtain precise and repeatable cleaning performance in an ultrasonic cleaning application with our portfolio of performance cleaners.

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Novec™ 72DA container
Heavy-Duty solvent engineered for flux removal and vapor degreasing operations.
BONDERITE® C-NE 3300 container
Neutral cleaner that can be used after cutting, pressing, or stamping of steel, cast iron and aluminum.
BONDERITE® C-NE 5175 container
Neutral based in-process cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for use on steel & cast iron at elevated temperatures.
BONDERITE® C-NE 5156 container
Neutral based in-process cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for use on steel & cast iron and aluminum at room temperature.
Novec™ 7000 container
A non-flammable, low global warming potential (GWP) heat transfer fluid capable of reaching -120°C.
Novec™ 7300 container
A low toxicity, non-ozone depleting solvent used in heat transfer, lubricant deposition, electronic testing and cleaning applications.
Novec™ 72DE container
A medium to heavy duty cleaning solvent designed for use in vapor degreasing applications.
BONDERITE® C-NE 220-WB container
Mildly alkaline liquid cleaner for power spray wash applications for ferrous & non-ferrous metals from ambient temperature up to 180 °F.
Novec™ 73DE container
Heavy-duty solvent for a variety of specialty cleaning applications needing high solvency, low surface tension, non-flammability and stability.
Bonderite C-NE 5064 container
Neutral Post-Process Cleaner and Metal Passivator for Cast Iron and Steel at Elevated Temperatures
Novec™ 71IPA container
A low toxicity fluid with increased polar soil solvency and surface tension making it ideal for precision and specialty cleaning and rinsing for removal of particulate, fingerprints and light soils from plastic, metal and glass parts.
Novec™ MW-2410 container
A low-viscosity metalworking fluid designed to lubricate the cutting process and then evaporate without leaving a residue.
BONDERITE® C-NE 5088 container
Liquid-aqueous cleaner concentrate engineered to displace vapor degreasing products in solvent free precision cleaning operations.
Novec™ 71DE container
Engineered solvent intended to replace ozone-depleting materials in many applications in medium-duty cleaning and degreasing tasks.
3M™ PF-5058 container
A blend of clear, colorless, fully fluorinated liquids that is chemically and thermally stable, practically non-toxic and nonflammable. Has a boiling point of 80°C - 100°C.
Novec™ 7500 container
A nonflammable solvent for use in heat transfer applications. Ideal alternative to harmful common fluids used in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes.
Novec™ 71DA container
Specialty solvent for defluxing and degreasing tasks and is replacement to ozone-depleting chemistries.
Novec™ 7200 container
Engineered solvent designed for thermal heat transfer & sensitive degreasing and cleaning applications.
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