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Novec™ Performance Immersion Cooling

What is Immersion Cooling? 

The amount of data created in the last 2 years eclipses all data created in human history, and has no indication of stopping anytime soon. To keep up with that increased flow of data, additional data centers are required.  These large-scale data centers demand high levels of energy and a large portion of that energy is devoted to cooling and temperature regulation.
Many data centers use air cooling systems for electronics, while effective, this method is thermally inefficient and incredibly energy dependent.  Immersion cooling is an advancement in the technology industry to help control temperature for large scale electronics, server hubs and more. 
3M™ has engineered several highly tailored solutions for immersion cooling.  Drastically cutting down on the energy required for temperature control without the default concern of mixing fluids & electronics.

Single Phase Immersion

Single phase cooling systems rely on the cooling fluid to remain a liquid during full operation.  A series of pumps and secondary heat exchangers ensures that the fluid flows over electronic surfaces without heating past the point of vaporization.

Two-Phase Immersion

In two-phase cooling systems, the cooling fluid is allowed to boil and is then condensed within the system.  This dramatically increases the overall thermal transfer efficiency but requires additional equipment to ensure proper operation & safety.

Immersion Cooling Solutions

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