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Afton Grease Additive Portfolio

Grease Additive Portfolio

Formulating a grease and interested in Afton’s additive solutions? Afton Chemical offers a wide variety of multi-functional componentry and high-performance additives for the formulation of industrial and automotive greases. Afton also has a dedicated technical team and resources to help simplify formulations and achieve your desired performance. 

Multi-functional Componentry

Afton’s multi-functional additive packages combine several performance characteristics in one product to simplify your formulating, reduce inventories, and provide potential cost savings. Afton offers a range of packages with core and enhanced performance that can be used alone, or as building blocks with other additives to achieve additional performance.  

Core Performance

X = Good, XX = Better, XXX = Best 
EP = Extreme Pressure, AW = Anti-Wear, CI = Corrosion Inhibition, AO = Antioxidant 

HiTEC® 552

ZDDP-based additive package that delivers extreme pressure and anti-wear performance with basic antioxidant and rust protection. 

HiTEC® 343G & HiTEC® 350G 

Cost-effective, ashless packages containing sulfur and phosphorus that combine extreme pressure and anti-wear additives with yellow metal and steel corrosion inhibitors. 

Enhanced Performance

X = Good, XX = Better, XXX = Best 
EP = Extreme Pressure, AW = Anti-Wear, CI = Corrosion Inhibition, AO = Antioxidant 

HiTEC® 587

Premium additive package that delivers corrosion protection under salt water conditions, extreme load-carrying performance, and long-life at high temperatures. 

HiTEC® 552H

Robust additive package combines corrosion and oxidation performance with extreme pressure and anti-wear protection to formulate high temperature, multipurpose greases. 

High-Performance Additives 

Afton’s high-performance additives add individual performance attributes to grease formulations, allowing for maximum flexibility and the manufacture of unique greases. Afton’s key performance additives deliver wear and extreme pressure protection, corrosion inhibition, and high temperature performance.  

Anti-Wear (AW) and Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives 

Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) 

ZDDP additives are commonly used in grease formulations as an inexpensive and effective way to reduce wear and oxidation. Afton manufactures ZDDP from primary and secondary alcohols to provide a range of performance options. 

HiTEC® 7197G

ZDDP additive made from primary alcohols provides exceptional anti-wear and antioxidant performance. 

HiTEC® 1656

ZDDP additive made from a mixture of primary and secondary alcohols provides anti-wear protection across a wide temperature range. 

HiTEC® 7169

ZDDP additive made from secondary alcohols delivers anti-wear and antioxidant performance at lower temperatures. 

Ashless Anti-Wear (AW) 

Ashless anti-wear additives are effective alternatives to zinc chemistries to reduce scuffing and fretting wear. HiTEC® 833 is an amine sulfurized phosphite additive that provides extreme pressure and anti-wear protection, notably in reducing fretting wear. 

Sulfur Extreme-Pressure (EP) Sources 

Sulfur-based additives are effective sources of extreme pressure protection for grease formulations. 

Corrosion Inhibition (CI) Additives 

Rust Inhibitors 

Many grease applications require protection from rust attack on ferrous parts. Afton has a full portfolio of corrosion inhibitors, from static to salt spray to dynamic bearings, that cost-effectively protect critical metal parts from rust while maintaining grease stability, extreme pressure and wear protection. Under severely corrosive conditions, synergistic combinations of corrosion inhibitors can lower the total treat rate and cost. 

Yellow Metal Protection 

Yellow metals, such as copper and bronze, require specific corrosion inhibitors. HiTEC® 4313 is an ashless alkyl thiadiazole that scavenges sulfur and passivates metals to prevent yellow metal corrosion. HiTEC® 4313 is effective at very low treat rates, and contributes to the extreme pressure and antioxidant properties.  

High Temperature Additives 

There are unique challenges to formulating a high temperature grease. Afton’s high temperature component additives increase oxidation resistance and improve the structural stability of grease to deliver better high temperature performance. 

Grease Portfolio Summary

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