Krytox™ greases for specialty applications

Krytox™ greases for specialty applications

Key Applications

Anti-corrosion or coating for bearings

Product Description

These greases are used in various applications and are offered in very specialized grades. All are polytetrafluoroethlyene (PTFE) based and are chemically inert and non-reactive.

Article: Krytox™ TS4 Grease as a Thread Sealant


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Krytox™ GB-H0 Grease Krytox™ GB-H0 is used in gearboxes found in high-temperature, high-speed equipment. SDS* TDS*
Krytox™ TS4 Sealant Grease Krytox™ TS4 PFPE sealant provides the highest securing performance for water, air, steam, natural gas, reactive gases and liquids without the drawbacks of PTFE tapes or other comparable products. SDS TDS

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