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PARALOID™ Additives For Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants

Paraloid™ Performance Additives For CASE


PARALOID™ offers a broad range of performance additives from Dow that are engineered to improve the processability, impact resistance, and gloss in a variety of coating, adhesive, and sealant formulations. These industries all require reliable and long-lasting protection to meet end-consumer expectations.


Dow impact modifiers can help you enhance the surface quality and resistance while reducing the overall cost by lowering the need for other material stabilizers and increasing the productivity of your processes.

What Does PARALOID™ Look Like in a Microlevel?

PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers:

Impact modifiers are surface material additives that can be added to the formulation resin to improve the tensile strength, durability, toughness, and overall impact strength of the surface finish.

Dow PARALOID™ impact materials are commonly used in thermoplastic and acrylic resin compounding as well as paints, coatings, adhesives, and sealants.

  • Impact modifiers enhance the ductility and reduce the brittleness of paints and coatings formulations at reduced temperatures 
  • Increases the strength of the finished film enabling thinner thickness application
  • Impact modifiers provide an exceptional deformation resistance by enhancing the absorption energy of the base adhesive resin
  • Extended life for the coating or adhesive
  • Reduced reject during the production process
Types of PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers

Acrylic Impact Modifiers
(Butyl Acrylates)


  • MMA shell and acrylate rubber core
  • Thermal stability for high temp application such as hot melt
  • UV and light stability for use in outdoor applications
  • Glass transition temperature or softening temp (Tg ± - 45°C)

MBS Impact Modifiers
(Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene)


  • MMA shell and butadiene styrene core
  • Excellent impact resistance at low temperatures and low add rates
  • High weathering resistance for use in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Low haze in clear applications and maintains retention of part rigidity
  • Glass transition temperature or softening temp (Tg ± - 75°C)

PARALOID™ Process Aids:

A dispersing aid is an essential ingredient for a uniform suspension of solid compounds in a liquid medium. They act as solution stabilizers while improving the processing properties such as melt strength and internal lubrication in coatings, adhesives, sealants, and a variety of thermoplastic resins.
  • PARALOID™ Process Aids allow the base polymer to melt easily while increasing cohesion, melt strength, and elasticity:
    • Reduce the need for traditional and specialty stabilizers
    • Increase productivity by accelerating the melting process
  • PARALOID™ acts as an intermolecular lubricant in coating and adhesive formulations
    • Improve the processability and reduce the needs for fillers and additives
  • PARALOID™ improves the surface quality of paints and coatings:
    • Produce premium appearance with excellent finish and gloss
    • Decrease the production reject due to appearance issues
Function/ PVC Type Flexible PVC Rigid PVC
Rigid PVC
Foam PVC
Processing Aids Only
 PARALOID™ K-125    
 PARALOID™ K-175    
 PARALOID™ K-120ND    
 PARALOID™ K-130D      
 PARALOID™ K-400      
 PARALOID™ K-416       
 PARALOID™ K-445      
Impact Modifier Only
 PARALOID™ BTA-751U     
 PARALOID™ KM 334    
 PARALOID™ KM 5000  
Processing Aid and Impact modifier
Resin Type Epoxy Resins Polylactic Acid
(PLA) Resin
Low Temp
Engineered Resin
High Temp
Engineered Resin
 PARALOID EXL™ 2314    
 PARALOID EXL™ 2300G    
 PARALOID EXL™ 2330      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2335      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2650J      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2690    
 PARALOID EXL™ BPM-520      


PARALOID™ Light Diffusers:

Light diffusers are performance additives that can be added to the main resin to modify the optical properties and appearance of the finished film. They can improve the translucency or provide an opaque finish to a variety of coatings, sealants, and plastic films. These optical modifiers contribute to the reduction of overall costs when a matt surface is required as it eliminates the need for especially texture tools or matt coatings as secondary finishing operations. 

  • PARALOID™ can be used to alter the surface finish appearance and gloss in coating adhesive, and sealant formulations:
    • Used in transparent film to provide translucency and wider illumination footprint
    • Used in opaque film to produce matt aesthetics and tactile or haptic finishes

Featured Grade:

PARALOID EXL™ 5136 is a 5 micron bead de-glosser and light diffusing additive suitable for a variety of polymer types and base resins:
  • Used as a light diffuser at 0.1 - 0.5% add rate
  • Used as a gloss reducer at 5.0 - 20.0% add rate
  • Suitable for ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PMMA, PET, PBT resins
PARALOID and the DOW Diamond are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow.

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