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    Dow Chemical’s full line of PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers and Process Aids coupled with their technical team can help you achieve the performance need. Manufacturers ranging from automotive to plastic packaging can be assured that Dow's additives are designed to be able to handle the pressure from varying strenuous applications.

It takes an exceptional polymer additive package to get the performance required out of your parts that can meet your demands. Engineering plastics and resins will enhance ductility and reduced brittleness and facilitate easier processing in the PVC matrix, with improved processability and mechanical properties. Demanding applications utilizing and requiring transparent and clear PVC material can also benefit from the use of PARALOID™.

Dow PARALOID™ Processing Aids

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) consists of short stiff chains of polymer with low molecular weight. While this provides strong rigidity properties, it can make processing difficult. Processing additives are essential for nearly all rigid PVC resin formulations, and some may be used in flexible PVC as a rheology modifier. Depending on the end conversion process, Dow Chemical’s PARALOID™ processing aids can assist by:


  • High-efficiency assisting in and controlling fusion along with initial melting
  • Increased melt strength and extensibility
  • Improves homogeneity
  • Enhanced cohesion
  • Prevents melt fracturing
  • Modifying rheology
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Featured Grade

    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

    PARALOID™ K-175 provides improved metal release properties during the processing of both rigid and flexible PVC polymers. K-175 provides a lubricating effect on the metal interface without plateout problems. This free-flowing additive is designed for PVC and metal interface but will remain intertwined within the PVC to stop plateout on the metal processing equipment.

Dow PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers

Impact modifiers improve the impact resistance of PVC, reducing the chance of dents or warping. This is particularly important at low or sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, Dow Paraloid impact modifiers:


  • Enhance ductility
  • Strengthens the deformation and energy-absorbing processes of PVC
  • Blunt growing crazes before they develop into large cracks


A little can go a long way when it comes to processing aids and impact modifiers. They are utilized in 1-6 parts per 100 in PVC formulations.

Featured Grade

    ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

    PARALOID™ KM-334 is the workhouse acrylic impact modifier with outstanding melt strength and tought performance capabilities. KM-344 exceeds industry standards that are measured by the Gardner test and even may improve the color retention of the PVC material. Applications such as building sidings, pipes, fencing, and decking can benefit from the additional weatherability benefits. 

Below is an example of generic PVC formulations:

    Formulation Ingredient
    Parts (phr)
    PVC Grades
    Hold color and prevent degradation during processing
    Heat Stabilizer
    Hot melt fluidity, viscosity 
    Internal Lube(s)
    Melt flow through equipment without sticking
    External Lube(s)
    Enable PVC to "melt" without degrading modifying rheology
    Processing Aid
    (5-10 foam)
    Increase toughness, prevent final (specialty apps part fracture, may have some processing functionality)
    Impact Modifier
    Stiffness, lower cost
    Fillers (CaCo3)
    Color, weatherability
    Pigments (TiO2, etc)
    Foaming agent, UV stabilizer, etc.

Dow Chemical performance additives are tailored for both rigid and flexible PVC plastics. See the chart below for a breakdown of the variety of plastic additives in the PARALOID™ high-performance portfolio.

Explore various grades to get details on their specific performance properties.

Additive Type
Processing Aids
Process Aid & Impact Modifier
Acrylic Impact Modifiers











Window Profiles
Roofing Membranes
Foam Extrusions
Clear PVC Films
Opaque PVC Films
Other PVC Applications

Technology and consumer trends demand increasingly advanced performance benefits for their plastic applications. This is especially true in consumer industries where expectations for long term performance where manufacturers are pushing the limits of design and function. Contact us today to see which PARALOID™ impact modifiers and processing aids are right for your PVC application. 

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