A polydimethylsiloxane heat transfer fluid used between -73°C and 260°C.
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Product Overview

SYLTHERM™ HF is a high-quality silicone polymer-based heat transfer fluid with exceptional low temperature stability. SYLTHERM™ HF is specially formulated silicone heat transfer fluid with an incredibly broad thermal operating range of -100°F to 500°F.

SYLTHERM™ HF provides excellent longevity and efficiency in a wide variety of single-fluid heat transfer systems.

Product Specifications

Temperature: -100 to 500 °F (-73.3°C to 260°C)
Vapor Pressure: 39.6
Specific Heat: 0.347 °F (-17.5°C)
Viscosity: 16.65
Density: 60.31
Freezing Point: <-115 °F (-81.6°C)
Flash Point: 145 °F (62.7°C)
Autoignition: 671 °F (355°C)
Composition: Dimethyl Poly Siloxane

Primary Chemistry: Polydimethylsiloxane
Features & Benefits
Non-toxic with regard to acute oral ingestion Has a closed cup flash point > 62 °C Electrical classifications No Odor Low Acute Oral Toxicity Incredibly Long Fluid Life
Problems Solved
Mediocre Heat Transfer Fluid Thermal Stability
Harmful or Toxic Chemistries like CFC and Chlorinated Solvents
Multi-Step Heat Transfer Processes with Thermal Fluid Inefficiencies
Fluids that fail to provide consistent heat transfer

SYLTHERM™ HF is an ideal HTF (heat transfer fluid) for use in a range of applications & equipment types, including but not limited to:
Pharmaceutical Processing & Production
Single fluid heating and cooling
Environmental test chambers
Heat Recovery Exchangers & Chillers