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A polydimethylsiloxane liquid used from -100°C to 260 °C




Product Overview

Specifically formulated, high performance silicone polymer designed for use as a low temperature, liquid phase heat transfer medium. It offers remarkable low temperature heat transfer and pumpability, plus thermal stability.

End Markets: Aerospace & Aviation; Chemical & Petrochemical; Consumer Products; Energy Generation & Utility; Facility Infrastructure; Nutraceutical


Used in pharmaceutical applications, Single fluid heating and cooling, Environmental test chambers
Related Applications: Automotive; Chillers; Chillers; Cryogenics; Food Machinery; Heat Transfer Skids; Immersion Cooling; Immersion Freezing; Jacketed Reactors; Lyophilizer; Mechanical Contractors; Mechanical Contractors; Power Cogeneration; Vaporizers; Waste Heat Recovery

Features & Benefits

- Non toxic with regard to acute oral ingestion
- Physical properties allow it to be used in place of chlorinated solvents as a secondary coolant

Product Specifications

Temperature: -100 to 500 °F
Vapor Pressure: 75.46
Specific Heat: 0.078 °F
Viscosity: 90.17
Density: 59.3
Freezing Point: -158 °F
Flash Point: 116 °F
Autoignition: 662 °F
Primary Chemistry: polydimethylsiloxane 
Chemistry: Silicone; Siloxanes; Siloxanes

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SYLTHERM™ Silicone Thermal Fluids

SYLTHERM™ silicone thermal fluids are specially formulated, high performance polymers designed for use as a low temperature, liquid phase heat transfer medium. They are known for their low viscosity, which offers excellent heat transfer performance and long service life.

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