A polydimethylsiloxane liquid used from -100°C to 260 °C
Product Overview

SYLTHERM™ XLT is a specially engineered heat transfer fluid with incredible thermal stability across a wide temperature range of -100°C to 260°C (-150°F to 500°F).

SYLTHERM™ XLT is a silicone polymer based fluid for use as a low temperature, liquid phase heat transfer medium. SYLTHERM™ XLT offers remarkable low temperature heat transfer and pumpability and thermal conductivity.

Product Specifications

Temperature: -100 to 500 °F (-73.3°C)
Vapor Pressure: 75.46
Specific Heat: 0.078 °F (-17.7°C)
Viscosity: 90.17
Density: 59.3
Freezing Point: -158 °F (-105.5°C)
Flash Point: 116 °F (46.6°C)
Autoignition: 662 °F (350°C)

Primary Chemistry: Polydimethylsiloxane
Features & Benefits
Very low acute oral toxicity Incredibly Broad Thermal Range (-150°F to 500°F) Essentially Odor Free Excellent Thermal Stability Silicone Polymer Based Chemistry
Problems Solved
Ineffective Heat Transfer at Low Temperatures
Frequent Process Interruption with Multiple Required Thermal Fluids
Excessive System Flush Requirements with Steam-brine or Steam-glycol systems

Used in pharmaceutical applications, Single fluid heating and cooling, Environmental test chambers