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Sustained Subzero Systems

Thermal Fluids for Subzero Systems

Water is the best thermal fluid, but it has one major flaw – it does not remain fluid at extreme temperatures.  For systems well-below freezing you need to use a specialty thermal fluid, and Dow Chemical makes the industry standard heat transfer fluids for a range of applications.

Stable Solutions for Subzero Systems 

Extremely cold equipment is required for a wide variety of industrial processes. However, it is incredibly difficult to maintain thermal stability and performance for long-term operation. Corrosion, thermal efficiency losses and system leaks can quickly become an ever-present headache if you don’t use the proper thermal fluid solution.

Dow Chemical has decades worth of experience engineering the peak performance thermal fluids for low temperature applications.  The DOWTHERM™ J, SYLTHERM™ XLT, and SYLTHERM™ HF products deliver best in class thermal properties combined with an incredibly long operational lifetime.

Subzero Applications & Use 

Dow Thermal fluid solutions provide reliable and long-term operation in some of the most extreme conditions.  From environmental test chambers to large, industrial-scale food freezers and countless others inbetween, the Dow solutions provide best-in-class performance for equipment that demands precise temperature control. 
The Dow Thermal Fluids listed on this page are intented for use in a closed, pressurized system under nitrogen blanket with an expansion tank. 

The diagram below shows a simplified secondary cooling loop for processes requiring sustained subzero temperatures. 

Dow Thermal Fluid Properties at -50°F

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